Branding – Afterthought or Asset of Your Business?

Think of a brand. Any brand.

Chances are that you can see that brand’s visual identity in your mind’s eye. Thinking of brands makes us think visually. A picture can say a 1000 words and a carefully designed brand can do the same.

Google’s vision, mission and values are all summed up in their simple, accessible and approachable logo style. Apple created a brand based on an icon that stepped them apart from their technical orchard. Would they have been so successful without their dedication to visual design? Certainly not.

Simply driving past the “golden arches” of McDonalds can induce saliva for some or maybe the power of the iconic Gucci logo is more your bag…to buy.

Branding is such an emotive, powerful and clear way of differentiating your business from others and also a reflection of the pride you feel in your business. If you want to grow, you need to stand for something and visually set your stall apart from your competitors.

Now the challenge.

Get together all of your business communication. I mean everything. Your business card, your letterheads, your website, your signage, your clothing…whatever has your business name on it and lay everything out together.

  • Can you say that the logo and images that you use to represent your business are always consistent?
  • Is everything you communicate visually powerful and iconic or mixed up and weak?
  • Have you ever looked at your communication from your customers’ view point? Would it make you stop and look?
  • Have you looked at your office recently?

Branding is both a science and an art. It is a powerful alchemy that can bring a concept and a business to life. A carefully crafted brand can re-energise or reposition your business instantly.

If you need help creating a brand that stands for something and becomes an asset for your business, call us to see how we can help.

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Claire Nield

Claire Nield is the Strategic Marketing Ambassador for the Fast Forward Growth Team. Claire has a refreshingly pragmatic and “down to earth” approach which is well received by many of our clients.