Entrepreneur launches innovative gym equipment – “Monkey Mill”

Entrepreneur, Mike McKenna has created the next generation of innovative gym equipment – investing time and money to reach the final design stage.

“Monkey Mill” is a motorised monkey bar machine which provides a unique mix of cardiovascular and strength conditioning for users of all ability levels. He believes Monkey Mill is set to take gyms across the UK, by storm – and has launched a CrowdCube campaign; a crowd funding strategy, to take the product to market.

Mike McKenna commented:

“Over the past four years, I have worked hard to build and develop a unique fitness proposition that differentiates itself from other gym equipment pieces in the market place. We have launched this CrowdCube campaign to help fund key elements of the business in the run-up to launching the product and to deliver an exciting marketing campaign. We are looking to raise £150,000 and we want to build a group of loyal shareholders so that we can take this exciting journey together.”

Monkey Mill has already been recognised as an innovative piece of gym equipment by Men’s Health – and the Ministry of Defence has also been sounding out the product for personnel.

For more information about Monkey Mill, or to have it installed in your training facility, please email info@monkeymill.co.uk or call 01423 209950. Visit CrowdCube for details about the Monkey Mill campaign.

Mike McKenna is one of the early attendees of the Fast Forward Growth Funding Programme, hosted by FFG and the Manchester Metropolitan University. For further information on the Fast Forward Funding Programme, please visit bit.ly/2n4JSOA or email info@fastforwardgrowth.com