BCR BLOG …. How to get a better energy deal for your business

It’s never too late to be proactive on how your business purchases and consumes energy – and to take control and plan for the future.

When negotiating energy, consider the following to get the best deal!

  • Implement a procurement strategy – ensure you are ahead of the game. No unforeseen costs. Risk is minimised.
  • Compare the market – The market is competitive. Suppliers have increased their prices but are under pressure to keep prices down to gain new/keep existing business. Comparing large and small energy suppliers ensures you get the best deal for your requirements.
  • Understand your business needs – Price plans can vary depending on supplier. Price is fundamental but your energy tariff needs to meet your requirements.
  • Consumption – CCL is charged per unit. Reducing consumption and improving energy efficiency will reduce the amount of CCL you pay (as well as reducing your business’s overall energy consumption).
  • Product offerings and price – Fixed price and fixed term contracts are different. Fixed price contracts will lock you in to pay the same price per unit, for the duration of the contract. Increasing the term of your energy contract could ensure budget certainty for a longer period. It is essential t0 understand the offering & terms – have clarity on the terms and conditions as fixed does not always mean fixed!
  • Be choosy when selecting your supplier – many cheap new entrants to the market are keen to win your business with cheap prices. However they can lack experience in customer support and infrastructure which means aftercare provision may be sub-standard.
  •  Be vigilant - Don’t be caught out by terms and conditions. Familiarise yourself with energy terminology!

To get the best deal, please contact Sarah Revell on 03300 245309. Visit the website at www.bcrassociates.co.uk