New for 2016 – Fast Forward Growth to release the Knowledge Centre

Fast Forward Growth is pleased to announce that specialist training and subject specific workshops will be delivered by our Ambassador team throughout 2016. The training and workshops are specialist subject workshops delivered by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs. The subjects covered are dedicated to high growth businesses only.

We have long recognised that ambitious businesses have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and relevant business intelligence. During 2015 our Ambassador team piloted bespoke training and group workshops. The positive effect of these initiatives has been commented on by several business owners and as a result we will be releasing the new FFG Knowledge Centre, later this month.

Ambitious businesses will be able to select the most appropriate subjects which are relevant to their business. In addition to the subjects covered by our specialist Ambassador team we will also feature a selection of training and development programmes delivered by proven delivery partners.

To request details of the FFG Knowledge Centre and to receive updates please select the following:-

Fast Forward Growth Knowledge Centre Information