Strategic Marketing

Achieving profitable and sustainable growth is not easy. It requires discipline, a commitment to action and the confidence to take (controlled) risks in your chosen markets.

  • It’s not always about extravagant moves into new markets - often the real gems lie closer to your core business than you might imagine.
  • It’s not just about what you start doing - it’s often about what you stop doing.
  • It’s not about the occasional workshop - it has to become ‘business as usual’.

More often than not, this means that you will have to change the way you and your team think and act. The Fast Forward Growth team provides the experience and tools to help you make this change happen quickly and permanently. We will

  • encourage you and your team to challenge your own assumptions; about your business, your competitors and your customers.
  • introduce proven tools, techniques and frameworks that bring new insights, clarity and confidence.
  • deliver a positive ‘in year’ impact whilst developing the momentum and talent in your business to help accelerate and sustain growth.

Every organisation is unique, but typically, our customers want to achieve one or more of the following:

Strengthen existing propositions
It’s all too easy for your core offers to become stale and for your sales and marketing teams to become trapped in an annual cycle that produces diminishing returns. A fresh pair of eyes, combined with proven techniques can help you sharpen and add depth to your existing value propositions. This will re-energise your sales and marketing efforts and produce an early positive impact on revenue.

Nurture immature lines of business
It’s not uncommon for a new product or line of business to struggle under the weight of internal expectation. When judged against the size and security of the established offer, it’s easy to make short term decisions that starve new ventures of resources at the precise time that they need them most. Introducing the right goals, metrics and management practices will help you build and maintain momentum in your new offers. Taking the right actions today maximises the chances of new ventures maturing into the profitable businesses of tomorrow.

Create brand new products and services
Every leadership team fears becoming trapped in a mature market; watching helplessly as their competitive advantage gets eroded to the point where they can no longer generate the returns their shareholders demand. Its critical to unlock opportunities that will best leverage your existing assets and customer insights. Developing new, compelling propositions for adjacent markets will create significant and sustainable value.

Embed a new growth management process
Organisations often find it difficult to maintain a balanced approached to managing growth. This might be due to too much focus on short term goals or too many ‘pet projects’ that continue to consume time and money way beyond what would be a sensible shelf life. Introducing a simple ‘venturing’ process will help you prioritise and manage your growth initiatives in a structured, yet flexible, manner. It will create a clear, shared view of your growth strategy, helping you accelerate the ventures that show early promise, whilst quickly killing the ones that don’t!

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