Growth Foundations

No-one would build a house without first laying the right foundations. Nor would you build an extension without reviewing the integrity of the original foundations and understanding what reinforcements are needed.

Yet we see many organisations that are so heavily focused on business development that they neglect their foundations. If these foundations are weak then the organisation’s attempts to grow will be undermined.

Fast Forward Growth can work with you to review the areas which are most commonly overlooked – those that, if left unattended, will present significant barriers to growth.

How well could you answer the following questions about your organisation?

  • Is your organisation using the correct legal entity to conduct trading?
  • Is it legally compliant?
  • Have the Articles of Association been properly constructed?
  • Does your organisation have a robust shareholders agreement to protect value?
  • What is the Intellectual Property Right policy and how is it managed?
  • Do your salaried Shareholding Directors have employment contracts?
  • What process is followed to appoint appropriate professional advisers?
  • Are your organisation and the individuals working for your organisation adequately insured?
  • Does your organisation currently have access to adequate and appropriate forms of Finance?
  • How does your organisation gather market intelligence to add value?
  • What is the professional development training policy of your organisation?
  • How does your organisation incentivise and retain key employees, directors and shareholders?
  • Does your financial control process link to taxation planning?
  • Does your organisation qualify for any grant or subsidized support for any activity?

How strong are your foundations for growth? Are you set up to fail?

Contact Fast Forward Growth and we’ll help ensure that you are set up to succeed.