Maximising Value

There comes a point in the life cycle of every business where the current owners require an exit strategy.

At exit, a high growth business can produce significant financial returns for shareholders, management and staff. This value can be maximised by following a set of business principles and processes that create a financial incentive for others to invest in the business.

Serial Entrepreneurs are so named because they repeatedly adopt these principles and follow a strict set of processes that they know will result in a predefined “end goal” being achieved. But there are a myriad of options available and each business needs to ensure that the most appropriate route is selected to help groom the business for sale;

  • Is the business capable of further expansion?
  • Can you add value through acquisition?
  • What is the difference between a trade sale and a sale to a listed company?
  • Is the business eligible for a Stock Market Flotation?

Fast Forward Growth have partnered with the London Stock Exchange Group and several professional specialists so that we can help you understand these various routes and connect you with the most appropriate solution providers.

Maximising value is not a quick fix. A successful exit should work well for both seller and buyer; where you and your team can reap the rewards of your hard work whilst the new shareholders benefit from a world class business that is set up to deliver sustainable growth. To achieve this takes time and the longer the run up to exit the greater chance there is of maximising value. So, for more information on how to develop and implement an effective exit strategy please contact us.