Bridges Ventures LLP

Bridges is majority owned by its senior management team with the Bridges Charitable Trust having a substantial minority ownership interest and control over any change to the Firm’s founding commitment to raise only funds with both financial and social goals. The Bridges team also donates 10% of their own profits to the Trust’s philanthropic activities.

The firm’s investment strategy is to focus exclusively on opportunities where investments can generate investor returns through helping meet pressing social or environmental challenges – be it backing businesses that generate jobs in underserved areas, or building environmentally friendly care homes for the elderly to sustain ageing population, or providing flexible financing for innovative community transport models.

Since its creation in 2002,Bridges has grown rapidly to manage nearly £300 million across there different fund types – Bridges Sustainable Growth Funds, Property Funds (Bridges Sustainable Property Fund and Careplaces Fund) and Social Sector Funds (Bridges Social Entrepreneurs Fund and Bridges Social Impact Bond Fund) – proving that an impact driven approach can be employed across asset classes.

Bridges Ventures LLP

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