The North West Business Angels

Our network is more than happy to consider all levels of business opportunity including:-

  • Pre Revenue /new start
  • Pre profit – existing businesses which have not yet broken even
  • Distressed businesses – Thoe which have suffered an unforeseeable event that has damaged the business and a cash injection will rectify the position EG a bad debt /failure of a supplier etc.
  • Step changers – A movement in the business growth to accommodate significant positive change EG a new line of product creating fast growing demand
  • High growth – Exponential growth due to management and/or product requiring cash support for the business
  • Early and mature – all ages of business considered
  • University spin outs
  • All sectors can be accommodated

The network is supported by Access to Finance ,a free to access and impartial commercial finance brokerage which is funded via the European Regional Development Fund, which can compliment any equity injection with debt facility procurement.