Taking The Fear Out of Public Speaking – Full Day Workshop

Thursday 24th January 2019, Manchester
Delivered by Lily Newman

Will 2019 be the year when you finally overcome your fear…..of public speaking?
A poll by Mori recently unveiled that most business executives and managers fear, ‘speaking in public’ more than cancer and death! If your mouth goes dry and your palms sweat at the very thought of standing up and speaking or you’re the ‘King of Waffling’ in front of colleagues or clients, then this one-day workshop is just for you.

Learn how to deliver engaging presentations to senior management, clients or colleagues with confidence and style – and avoid ‘hiding behind your visual aids’ or delivering ‘Death by PowerPoint.’

What will you learn?

  • By the end of the day we guarantee that we will have helped you to:
  • Build your confidence as a communicator and help you to share compelling stories and presentations.
  • Increase awareness of your own strengths and reduce your limitations as an effective presenter.
  • Develop your ability to plan, prepare and execute effective, well-structured presentations.
  • Help you to utilise some “tricks of the trade” engage with your audience and create a positive impact.
  • Improve both your verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Create a learning environment that is both stimulating and good fun!

    “All the great speakers were bad speakers at first.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Whether you have to make a speech, chair team meetings, or present your company to prospective clients, this workshop will help you to craft engaging talks and presentations that inspire and captivate your audience to ensure that your presentations are truly memorable – for all the right reasons!

    Here is Everything you Need to Know…
    Thursday 24th January 2019
    8.30am for a 9.00am start – 5.00pm
    £299 + VAT
    @ The Message Enterprise Centre, Sharston, Manchester M22 4RG
    Delivered by Lily Newman, MD of Morgan James Consulting
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