Nicole Whittingham

Nicole is an action centred Marketer. In 2001, Nicole led the Management Buy Out team of Wilson Cooke, a highly regarded Integrated Marketing agency and remains a current Stakeholder and Director of the 23 strong team.

With over twenty years of both digital and traditional Marketing working with an array of clients, Nicole has a passion to add measurable value for the clients and their businesses for which she works.

“Through brand leadership comes market leadership – helping businesses sustainably grow their bottom and top line through insight, strategy, integrated marketing and the use of digital technology. Leading businesses to innovate and differentiate through market insights and data along with the the use of technology to build strong brands that engage with their audiences.

When not spending time with her 6 year old son, Nicole is a keen fitness enthusiast and enjoys Crossfit and Thai Boxing along with the workouts that accompany – and has a passionate interest in Politics, Economics and Gin!