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Jay Allen

Having previously served in a specialist Rapid Deployment Regiment within the British Army, Jay has gone on to work at boardroom level with high street supermarkets as well as both public and private sector; predominantly within change management and conflict resolution. He is an Ambassador for COMBAT STRESS, providing life-changing mental health treatment to veterans from every service and every conflict, and Business SCALE consultant.

His purpose in life is to enable others to review, identify and overcome their own internal challenges, which are currently preventing them from achieving all they are capable. He is passionate about demystifying the stigma often attached to mental health, and in helping business leaders to understand and overcome the internal dialogue of self doubt and uncertainty which has so far prevented them from achieving life changing results for both them and their companies.

Jay has twice won a Global Entrepreneur ‘Big Impact to Business’ Award (Kauffman Institute) and is listed on the ‘Clear Business Thinking’ POWER 100 (Smith & Williamson) for delivering highly interactive masterclasses, intensive coaching programmes, highly motivational keynote speeches and workshops across both UK, USA and UAE.