John Daly

John Daly is head of north west corporate finance for RSM Tenon plc advising entrepreneurial clients on business acquisitions, disposals, financing and growth strategies. He’s also one of the most prolific deal doers in the north west region. Even better, he has sold his own business, floated another and has been involved in around half a dozen north west business services sector acquisitions for RSM Tenon. So, John’s insight into building value and exiting businesses is leading edge.

​He developed the nationally successful “Grooming your business” programme, aimed at entrepreneurs, which is delivered in conjunction with an effective direct marketing methodology that he has built and continually enhanced over the last decade. The content is derived from John’s personal and advisory experience and is compellingly relevant to the current business environment. There’s no theory – just hard core commercial reality.

John is regularly consulted on challenging business growth opportunities and issues both nationally and internationally and has substantial experience of the practice, perils and pitfalls of getting involved with south-east Asian business as part of growth and cost management strategies. He’s also a business angel investor in high risk early stage businesses on his own account.