Business Analytical Intelligence

Julie Bowmer MSc, FCMA, CGMA

Julie is the Managing Director of Likahea Holdings which incorporates within it five companies ranging from Food Distributions to Engineering, Accountancy to IT and Property. A Chartered Management Accountant and serial entrepreneur, Julie began entrepreneurial life by heading a management buyout of a bakery distribution company in 2006 which over the course of five years she turned a ½ million net loss into a ½ million net profit.

With a passion for turning businesses around, Julie widened her net into helping others do the same which is when the Accountancy Practice was born. Not just about the numbers, Julie focuses on providing strategic advice, understanding the numbers and utilising information given to turn losses into a profit and facilitate growth as evidenced in all her own business ventures.

Management Accountants have for generations tried to forecast accurate data and look at the associated opportunity cost of taking one course of action above another, along with regression analysis to determine sales trends and stock levels.  The use of computerised data and the infinitesimal amount of information now available has given us a huge opportunity.  Future success of business means that management accounting and data analytics must work together intrinsically for the data to be streamlined, relevant and reliable.

We understand that this is a complex area and by combining our IT and coding expertise with our accounting expertise and business acumen we have identified a huge opportunity to help grow businesses successfully.  By deploying bespoke software and business expertise we can manage and analyse data so that businesses can become agile, adjusting to changes in the environment quickly; using a ‘virtual sieve’ to root out the useable information for the management to base their decisions on.