Mike Phillips

Mike has been involved in the IT and Telecommunications Industry since the mid-1980s when British Telecom was denationalised and the market allowed competition to take place. After selling telephone systems, network management systems, cloud based services and then videoconferencing at BT, he started his own business, Direct Visual Ltd, in February 1996, providing videoconferencing hardware and services.

During a 3 year period, the business grew from 3.8m to 8.3m and was recognised as one of the fastest growing businesses in Yorkshire.  The company was the leading videoconferencing brand in the UK and sold for a premium to a billion dollar IT company in 2011.

Since the sale, Mike has been involved in consultancy, together with work at the Business School at Huddersfield University. He is increasingly in demand as a speaker, being both hugely motivational and inspiring to budding entrepreneurs, or for anyone who wants themselves, or their people, to be the best they can be.