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Peter Dickinson

Peter Dickinson is an experienced Digital Non-Executive Director, High Growth Business Coach, and Strategic Facilitator. Peter has worked with over 300 companies from a wide range of sectors and in all stages of growth and is currently working with 30 businesses through the Government’s GrowthAccelerator programme. Connected to a large network of business leaders in the North West, Peter is working with business owners to help them grow, improve profitability and help them attain a better work life/balance. With years of experience implementing technology, Peter understands how technology can be used for competitive advantage. The ubiquitous nature of technology means that for companies to communicate better, strip out cost, minimise head count through systems, able to work anywhere and customers using web based systems requires working with somebody who can work at a strategic level. Peter works with businesses to help them break through their current thinking to help them find new ways to grow your business based on the passion they have for what they do for their customers.