Saadat Khan

Saadat has nearly a decade of experience in the UK real estate market. His journey in real estate started with no capital but in just over two years he had created a company that was generating a multi million pound turnover profitably, with no debt.

In 2010 he created Ethical AM, after spending several years researching the Shariah finance industry, to match the growing needs of investors seeking security and transparency with those who are in need of finance for projects, especially in the UK.

The ethos of the company is to deliver products and solutions that support essential social needs such as education and housing, without any reduction in the investors’ returns.

Ethical AM recently announced an ‘Investment Sukuk’, which will acquire existing income-producing purpose-built student accommodation assets in key towns and cities throughout the UK. The ongoing aim of Ethical AM is to establish a global financial institution that delivers significant social and economical value across several key areas that benefit the global economy, without any involvement of debt.

Mr Khan is an influential advocate for ethical finance, speaking at several leading global conferences on the topic of ethical practices, the benefits to all those who are involved and in particular the profound social impact this method delivers. He has written articles on thought leadership which have been published in leading global industry magazines and has been invited to give his views to the Islamic Finance Task Force (IFTF) whose aim is to promote the UK as the western hub for Islamic finance.

His personal goal is to attract and deploy capital from Gulf based investors who wish to access the UK market through low risk, fully Shariah compliant solutions that offer the greatest social value, such as education, housing, renewable energy and healthcare.

A new representative office for Ethical AM is due to be operational in Saudi Arabia by the end of 2013 to facilitate inward investment into the UK from the entire GCC region.