The Knowledge Centre has been specifically designed for High Growth businesses which have a continuous thirst for knowledge and the development of people and processes. The sections covered incude:-

Subject Specific Training Modules

These subject specific modules are delivered by the FFG Ambassador team and cover an array of specialist subjects. The workshops are delivered on a one to one or one to many basis. The venue can be the business premises or an agreed independent venue.

Strategic Briefing Sessions

As legislation changes and new innovations become apparent, there is a need for businesses to increase their subject knowledge in these new and emerging areas. The Briefing Sessions are held as Day Events and delivered by the FFG Ambassador Team and guest speakers.

Management Development Programmes

This is a specialist selection of respected partners who provide cohort based learning and development for senior managers, Directors and Managing Directors.

Elite Programme

Goldman Sachs etc

Business Intelligence (Useful Links)

This section contains useful links which are frequently updated to provide ambitious businesses with connectivity to commercial intelligence which is specific to your business sector.

Subject Specific Training Modules and Strategic Briefing Sessions

Strategic Briefing Sessions · Subject Specific Training Modules

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